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Interview Preparation

Love it or dread it, an interview is a fantastic two-way process that allows both parties to assess whether each has what the other needs. So it is vital to make the most of the valuable opportunity to impress your interviewer as well as to glean information that will allow you to make a measured decision should you be offered the position.

What is a Competency Interview Question?

During a Competency Interview you will be asked a series of questions inviting you to give an example from your own experience. This is your opportunity to convince the interviewer you are competent for the role. You may be invited to 'Tell me about a time when you had to make an unpopular decision.' or 'Can you describe the last time you had to handle an aggressive colleague?'.

What are the benefits for the interviewer?

Competency Interview questions give both parties an opportunity to explore specific behaviours and attitudes within the workplace. Therefore, interview preparation is essential for success. Your ability to shape a logical, well-ordered answer will give the interviewer valuable insight into not only your actions but also your thought processes behind those actions. So being able to articulate your thought processes clearly is the key to delivering a strong response.

What are the benefits for me?

A Competency Interview allows you the opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the role you have applied for. A well-written professional CV can only provide so much evidence whereas an interview gives you the time to reveal more pertinent information to demonstrate your key skills and competencies and how they match the needs of the organisation you want to work for.

How can I best prepare?

Before your interview, do check with the Human Resources department, the interviewer or your recruitment consultant to confirm the style of interview. You should ideally be advised of a Competency Interview to enable you to prepare thoroughly. Becoming familiar with interview techniques and strategies such as use of the STAR structure to frame your answers will help build your confidence. If you feel you would like an opportunity to check out your performance before an interview please contact me to discuss my Interview Preparation Service. I would be delighted to support you in your preparations.

How can you help me?

I have helped numerous clients successfully prepare for interview by selecting a series of practice questions based on a job description for the interview to be attended. Should you wish to practice your interview skills prior to winning an interview, I will base the practice questions on your past experience and/or your ideal next role. This can be done either over the telephone, via Skype or face to face, depending on your location.

What are the benefits to me of practising for interview?

For many people, an interview is a stressful event. Preparation is key to:

Hindsight is marvellous and I am sure we have all left an interview thinking 'I wish I had said .....'. Formal interview preparation increases your chances of leaving the interview feeling confident you have done your best to beat off the competition!

Why you? Are you any good?

My clients have gone on to secure fantastic roles in fiercely sought-after positions working for organisations such as British Airways, the NHS and local authorities as well as smaller organisations. I have conducted hundreds of telephone coaching sessions with positive results including:

Please call me or write to me at hello@sarahlovell.co.uk for more information.


I have helped clients to secure interviews with leading organisations including ...

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