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Graduates - You’ve worked doggedly for three or more years...What's next?

Graduate Dog

Fantastic! You’ve worked doggedly for three or more years… and now you’ve been thrown to the dogs (ok, recruiters aren’t counted amongst our furry four legged friends but still…) and… Read More »

Keywords for CV Writing

Key words for CV writing! It is important that your CV contains the right ones. Logical, and you know this already. Key words allow a recruiter to sift through numerous applicants to select the most relevant. However, what… Read More »

Not getting the interviews you deserve?

Crumbled paper

Not getting the interviews you deserve? You have the experience and the qualifications and still no positive response from the recruiter? Perhaps your CV is not selling you as well as it could? I am… Read More »

Professional CV Writing Success...

Woman on phone

As a CV writer it is always satisfying to receive an excited phone call or email from a client announcing that they have been selected for interview, sometimes after many fruitless months of applying prior to having their CV re-written. A strong CV can make all the difference to your success… Read More »

How to optimise your CV with key words

CV Keywords to stand out

Writing a strong professional CV requires the use of relevant key words. Nothing new there. However, how do we decide which key words to include in… Read More »

Sarah has created an accurate CV that’s makes me look great, the content is professional and clear.

Sandra M, General Manager

I have helped clients to secure interviews with leading organisations including ...

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