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Sarah Lovell CV Writer Testimonials

I have helped clients to secure interviews with leading organisations including ...

Sarah is a dream to work with. I needed my CV updated and be more 'current' in this fast changing world. Sarah has delivered beyond my expectations and I am a very happy customer. CV looks and feels succinct, professional and yet rich with information. Her wealth of knowledge, expertise and skills are exceptional and that really comes through in her communication style and final product too. Sarah is a great listener, meticulous in her approach and possesses high levels of attention to detail. She asks excellent questions to ensure all important data is gathered to deliver the best possible result for the client. She is reliable, focused and conscientious. Also a warm, upbeat and personable individual who I recommend very highly. VB - Manager in the automotive industry.

"Sarah helped me with my CV and personal statement for a specific position and the service exceeded my expectations. I was not only successful in gaining a job interview but was also offered the role! Sarah helped me understand what the recruiter was looking for and what information I needed to include in my application to make sure it stands out. She highlighted all of my achievements, career experiences and skills in such a way that, when I received the first draft, I couldn’t believe it was about me. I don’t think I would have stood a chance of being shortlisted if it wasn’t for Sarah. Can't thank her enough!"


Having reviewed hundreds of CV’s over the years, I know what the difference is between a great CV and a poor one. When it came to reviewing my own, I realised it was below the standard I would expect to see for someone at my level. I like most people had a CV that I had produced myself some years ago. I found Sarah after reviewing a number of professional CV writers that I found on the internet. What a great choice in asking Sarah to update my CV and Linkedin profile. The process was quick, personal and above all outstanding. I wouldn’t have any hesitation in recommending Sarah. She worked with me to produce a CV that really captures what I have spent the last 20 years doing and highlights all my skills and achievements in an informative and concise way. The end result is a standout CV and online profile. KT - Managing Director

I reached out to Sarah as I wanted to have my CV rewritten and I am so pleased with the result. As a process it was very thorough and painless as she pointed out areas for improvement and explained why certain changes were needed. She was extremely proactive asking for explanations about key points in my career, which in turn got me to think about what I wanted to communicate and say in my CV. She listened to my concerns, answered any and all queries I had and always provided clear reasoning as to the structure of my CV. The result? A concise and easy to ready CV which summarises my professional experience in media succinctly. What you get with Sarah is an expert CV writer and employment consultant who will listen to your needs, offer constructive advice and provide a tailor-made solution for you. If you need your CV rewritten, then get in touch with Sarah Lovell, you will not regret it.

TA - Senior Producer

'It had been over 5 years since I had last updated my CV and during that time I had been through a number of exciting career changes that weren't reflected in my outdated and rather drab looking CV. After careful consideration I asked Sarah to review and update my CV to bring it in line with my current position and also add a more professional and concise summary, the result was exceptional. Throughout the iterative process of achieving my final version Sarah's communication was clear and concise and for all those people who might be looking for a similar service please look no further than Sarah'.

BM Executive

I approached Sarah as I felt that I was hitting the proverbial “brick-wall” whilst attempting to update my CV so that it was ATS compliant and relevant to positions that I was applying for. I’m so glad I took the plunge and asked for her help. Sarah reviewed my old CV and created a draft (with feedback and questions) within days of her starting work on it. All the way through the process Sarah was professional, kept me up to date on progress, and stuck to timescales. The whole process was painless and the outcome is a concise, clear, professional, and readable CV that contains data/information that I would never have thought to include but, on reading it, obviously needed to be included. Am I pleased with Sarah’s result? Yes, definitely!

KA, Barrister

I recently used the new CV and landed a really great permanent role in the field I want. It's not just about landing the permanent role, It's the fact that I got several phone interviews and recruiters reached out to me. I used to apply to about 10-20 places a day and never got a single call back. Had to send you a message to say thank you.

Torera G

I'm very pleased with how professional my CV reads and fascinated as to how concise it is yet captures everything that I would want picked out of the reams of information that I sent you. I certainly can use this as my base CV and one which I can develop and tweak where needed to, depending on what roles I find.

Tanya Davies, NHS

Sarah is amazing, friendly, warm and very efficient. She listens to what you want and implements it. I never thought my CV would ever look as professional as it does now, thanks to Sarah - best CV writer covering London by far and most importantly the rates are great and don't bring tears to your eyes like other companies'.

M C, Charity Sector

"Could you write a review, please?" Sure...

I ought to point out that I don't know Sarah. We've never met, except in cyberspace.

So what prompted my choice then?

Initially, it was because she was local, this might prove useful, and she's been doing this gig independently for over 9 years.

Then, reading through her profile, I was drawn to its convivial, personal tone, which led me to feel that the process would be an engaging one.

And I wasn't wrong.

During the course of our correspondence I was informed of what would happen and when. And it did.

That didn't mean I had an easy ride though. There were all sorts of probing questions to contend with... Not surprising perhaps, it'd been twenty years since my last CV.

Sarah has given the CV a thorough and considered examination and I'm now infinitely happier when submitting it.

Indeed, she's done such a good job that I barely recognise myself.

I unequivocally recommend Sarah's services.

(PS: Writing this review has been tougher than I'd anticipated... I'll get Sarah to write the next one!)

KV, Data Manager

I couldn't recommend Sarah highly enough. I've now worked with her twice, initially on revamping my CV a couple of years ago which helped me land a role and just recently where I required her to update it, as well as a covering letter. Sarah communicates throughout the whole process and offers valuable advice on what recruiters are looking for from a CV and Cover letter.

Mandeep, Merchandising Manager

Sarah was able to provide exactly the service I needed as her experience of recruitment and writing CVs meant she understood much better than me about how my CV needed to look and what information it had to convey. Additionally, Sarah’s knowledge of the industry I work in meant she found valuable details hidden in my career history that I never expected to be relevant. Finally, Sarah kept to her tight timescales and was always professional in her regular updates and communication. My good experience this time means I expect I’ll use more of her career services in the future.

Gavin, Management Consultant

Having worked for the same organisation for 30 years I wanted the services of someone who had current knowledge and experience of the employment market to assist me in writing my CV and moving towards the next stage of my professional career. I read several on-line reviews but decided to contact Sarah due to the positive testimonials from previous clients. I wasn’t disappointed, Sarah was extremely professional, agreeing and meeting timescales for the work and helping me to produce a CV I was very happy with. The fee involved was very reasonable and I view it as a small financial investment in my future career. I would definitely recommend Sarah.

Paul Taylor, Police Officer

I would recommend Sarah to help update any CV. She was not only professional but very supportive and had some great ideas how best to present my current and previous experience. I am looking forward to sending my new and far superior CV to prospective clients and agencies.

Victoria Edwards, Senior Marketing Consultant

Sarah delivered a new CV which has been instrumental in developing my profile and supporting my new career direction. I was worried that it might not read like my own document, but Sarah made sure that my CV reflected my input and gave me opportunities to edit as we went along. Sarah created a bespoke document which I liked so much that I engaged Sarah to update my LinkedIn profile too. The increase in interest from recruiters has been transformational. I’m now in control of looking for my next role. My LinkedIn profile and CV express what I want to say eloquently. Sarah’s style is professional but empathetic and Sarah is a pleasure to deal with. I was recommended Sarah by a friend and I have been recommending her back to friends who ask about my CV ever since.

Jon, Lawyer

Sarah Lovell was recommended to me by a friend for CV writing services. She has created a professional and objective CV with relevant keywords that clearly highlight my skills, which is very well as far as CV’s go. However, it is Sarah’s use of powerful and energetic language that has given my career history a new lease of life and reignited an enthusiasm in me to achieve even greater.

S. Deol

Absolutely 5 Star work. If you are still wondering if you want to use Sarah’s services, stop here. You will be getting a perfectly tailored CV fit for purpose. However, be prepared for hard work as it will be your CV and it is You who is going to the interview - Sarah's only job is to help you get what you want. Brilliant timing, communication and result.

Olexy Golubchenko, Director

Sarah is a very kind and knowledgeable lady who writes an excellent CV. I had previously been targeted by the doom monger companies regarding my CV and was happy to find someone in Sarah who would give impartial advice. Sarah very quickly analysed my CV, provided me with pointers along with cost and timescales should I wish to use her services. Absolutely no pressure and no telling me that I would never get another job if I did not use her services. Sarah reworked both my CV and LinkedIn profile. She was very willing to amend as necessary until I was happy with the output. They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. I sent both my old and new CVs to a recruitment agency and asked which they preferred. The answer was Sarah’s version.

Donna Amess, Service Delivery Lead

I approached Sarah for a full rewrite and formatting of my CV, Covering letter and Linkedin Profile to bring them up to date and was very satisfied with the service received. She very quickly understood my requirements and the areas of my expertise that I wanted to showcase, as well as offering her own advice and insight in certain areas that was very useful and much appreciated. I will highly recommend Sarah to any colleagues and friends looking for professional CV writing services.

James R, Director

I have never really had faith in my CV’s ability, although in the end I did manage to find a job, it was only after sending literally hundreds and hundreds of copies of it, spread over a ridiculous amount of time, in response to recruitment companies and positions being offered- I didn’t even get an interview. Soul destroying! So recently facing the end of my latest contract, I was dreading all that effort and continuous round of rejections again. I contacted Sarah Lovell, because I didn’t want to go to a ‘CV specialist sausage factory’, I wanted to go to a genuine independent specialist, who not only deserved the business, but who genuinely wanted to work with and help me, to reflect the very best of my professional achievements.

So did my thinking and attitude work? Absolutely! Sarah delivered a fabulous CV, that not only looks clear, crisp and concise and professional but guess what? After only 18 days after my previous contract had ended (and I must say that I only really started to apply for positions at the start of the New Year), I have now started a full-time position with a very reputable world-wide organisation – to which my new CV very much initiated and facilitated the whole process. Sarah provides a professional service that delivers a professional CV – so do not even hesitate in approaching her. Honestly, this is worth the investment!

Steve B, Principal Business Consultant

I contacted Sarah Lovell after finding her details on line. I needed some inspiration after being made redundant and felt my CV didn’t really sell me well. The reviews on Sarah were great, so I thought "Why not?!”. Sarah has created an accurate CV that’s makes me look great, the content is professional and clear. I’m really happy with the personal service I have received and the patience from Sarah whilst I found all the data she required. I fully recommend Sarah and would not hesitate to use this service again.

Sandra M, General Manager

I wanted to provide you with an update of my circumstances following your help to improve my CV. I have been incredibly busy...with my new job!! After submitting my new retail CV to apply for jobs with 2 companies I was called by both of them, interviewed by one, and in short succession secured a Branch Manager’s position for a company to run their flagship branch in Birmingham. I am loving my new role. I honestly believe the work you did on my CV was an integral part of getting the interview and I am incredibly grateful for your support. Thank you :-)

Deborah B, Flagship Branch Manager

I thought you would like to know the CV you helped me do has landed me a job and I turn professional in a couple of weeks. Just wanted to say thank you for all the help with my CV and if anyone ever needs help with there CV you will come highly recommended. Many thanks

Daniel, Pro Golfer

As a direct result of your review and subsequent redrafting of my CV I was invited to 6 interviews. One of which I accepted and have now commenced employment. The roles I was offered were in a variety of sectors and functions but all were closely aligned to my CV brief and the jobs which I wanted to target. Your speed of response, evident quality of work and transparent pricing meant I am more than satisfied with your service, thank you.

W Goodwin

Fantastic insight into creating a worthy CV. I found the service to be informative and professional, whilst delivered by Sarah in an unpatronising way. Sarah definitely enhanced my chances of getting in front of the right people.

James W, Financial Consultant

I found Sarah's service invaluable. Before Sarah redesigned my CV I just did not seem to even get past the first hurdle of getting to an interview. I was amazed after a week of putting my new CV to agencies I was getting put forward to positions that otherwise had passed me by. I am now in a senior management position that is partly thanks to Sarah in explaining and demonstrating the importance of a well presented CV.

Paul Mitcham, Manager

I was recently made redundant as a result of a restructuring process. I contacted Sarah and what a relief and good decision that proved to be. From the very start she was helpful and positive. She guided me through the application process for two senior Management positions, crafting and editing my CV and covering letters. She provided bespoke interview practice and throughout the process she was available to discuss and offer constructive suggestions. I was enormously fortunate to be made offers for both positions one of which I accepted. I know without any doubt at all that Sarah’s help made a huge difference to my personal outcome. I would recommend her services with absolutely no hesitation. It is hugely good value but what is more important it is excellent quality and Sarah is both professional yet completely approachable as well as totally committed to helping her clients.

Alex S

I just want to say again a huge thanks, within the first week of sending this new CV out, I have had an amazing response, lots of positive things

I have never had this kind of a reaction to my work before. I just wish I’d sought you out 100+ failed job applications ago. I have already forwarded your website and email link to everyone that has been amazed with me getting this kind of response, and I told them this CV is what got people to actually start taking me seriously!

Lee A, Designer

Sarah created a bespoke document which I liked so much that I engaged Sarah to update my LinkedIn profile too. The increase in interest from recruiters has been transformational.

Jon, Lawyer

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